Please check here first for answers to any questions that you might have.

How do I update my profile information?

To update your profile information, simply sign up again and your new information will replace your old information.

What is a product review?

A product review is honest and helpful information about a person’s experience with a product. Three to four sentences should be your aim when describing your experience but more information is always better.

How do I apply for a review?

Review sign up forms will be emailed out to you.

How do I know if I have been selected for a review?

You will be notified via email if you have been selected. Do not start a review until you receive this email.

How often are reviews offered?

Reviews are kicking off all the time!

What is expected with a review?

Timelines for each review and the links to the page we would like you to review on will all be included in the review sign-up emails. Please be sure to read them fully before signing up.

What is a Post-Review Survey?

By participating in one of our brand reviews you are agreeing to fill out the post-review survey. It will consist of a series of questions relating to your thoughts on the product and your experience with Club Store Reviews.

Where do I find the Post-Review Survey?

The Post-Review Survey will be emailed out to participants.

How long do I have to review?

Each review is diffrent. Please check your review email for important dates and timelines.

I do not care for the product I was sent to review. How should I proceed?

We value your honest reviews. If you do not care for the product you are reviewing, please contact us at hello@clubstorereviews.com and let us know what issues or problems you are experiencing. If the product is damaged, we will try if possible to arrange for a new product to be sent. Even if you do not write a review, please fill out the short campaign survey to receive credit for the campaign and provide brand feedback.

How do I become ineligible for reviews?

We have a policy where participants who do not complete reviews they have signed up for will be ineligible for participating in future reviews. Failure to participate in 2 reviews that you have signed up for will result in removal from the Club Store Reviews opportunities. Participants may be found ineligible for reviews if the content they publish does not meet our guidelines, is found inappropriate, does not follow FTC disclosure requirements, conflict of interests, contacting clients directly, disclosing confidential information, or acting in a hostile manner toward our team or other participants. Check out our full Terms and Conditions for complete information.